Your dog needs to have microchip and European health passport.

Your dog needs to have the rabies vaccination in date and the yearly cocktail vaccination which needs to be in date at least a month after leaving our kennel. Also we demand the specific vaccination for kennel cough which is the bordetella vaccination from Merial or the nasal inoculation KC. The fist one is injectable and if it is the first time your dog is receiving this vaccination it has to be given 2 times with an in between period of 15 days. Thereafter your dog needs te be re-vaccinated every spring and autumn. The nasal inoculation has an almost in mediate effect and needs to be given once a year, also when given the first time.
Kennel cough is similar to human flue but in case of very old dogs, very young pups, dogs with heart failure or long problems it could be fatal. In all cases it is a nasty virus that is very uncomfortable with consequences like heavy cough, throwing up etc. and it can result into chronic problems for your dog.

Your dog needs to be de-wormed by the vet during the month prior to their stay at our kennels. For flees and ticks we recommend Exspot drops and Defendog or Frontline spray before entering our kennels.
Flee collars are not allowed by us as while playing the collar can get lost and eaten by any of the dogs with a heavy risk of poisoning for the dog that has eaten the collar. In case your dog suffers from chronic or acute disease we will have to be notified by you during the intake conversation. This is to enable us to keep an extra eye on your dogs health and make a daily evaluation as well as to administer the medication needed.